Info Cheatsheet

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* General Notes:
- In the program info, a page of text is called a 'node' to make it feel special
- At no time should you ever be tempted to make a man:vi to info:emacs analogy. Not that there's anything wrong with info or emacs.

* Selecting other nodes:
Go to the next node: n or ] (or SPACE at the end of a node)
Go to the previous node: p or [ (or DEL or BACKSPACE at the beginning of a node)
Go up one node: u

* Moving within a node:
Jump to the top/beginning of a node: b or HOME
Jump to the end of a node: e or END
Scroll down a page: SPACE or PAGEDOWN
Scroll up a page: DEL or BACKSPACE or PAGEUP

* Searching:
Jump to the index node: i
Search the index for dolphin and jump to the the first node that matches: idolphin
Search the index again for the next instance of dolphin and jump to the the next node that matches: ???
Search the whole document for dolphin: sdolphin
Search the whole document again for the next instance of dolphin: s
Search the whole document again for the previous instance of dolphin: ???

* What if I just want to convert an info page to something resembling a man page on the fly?
First, you need to find out where the info page(s) are. Most of the time the docs get gzipped and dropped into /usr/share/info, but if they are not there you could easily run something like:
rpm -ql emacs | grep info 

Then, once you've found the docs:
zcat /usr/share/info/emacs* | less