Linux Wireless Notes

Summary: These are some notes I put together in mid-November 2004 as I was shopping around for a wireless PCMCIA card for my Linux laptop running Fedora Core 3. I ended up buying the D-Link DWL-G650 for $50 from Fry's. Update (2005-05-29): I dumped a few hours into getting the card to work with Fedora Core 3, but was never able to get it working. Then, I forgot about my laptop and let it get dusty for a few months. One day, I downloaded Ubuntu Linux and after installing it on the laptop, the wireless card just worked. As in, I didn't have to do anything, the operating system actually recognized the hardware correctly, and the GUI to choose the network and punch in the WEP key was simple and intuitive. Wonderful.


Cards Considered

Wireless Tools