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    Posted on September 13th, 2010 Jeremy 1 comment

    We have acquired a house. It has rooms, and came with doors, which was a nice touch. Here’s the timeline:

    • December – Decided to buy a house. Researched.
    • January – More research. Drove around neighborhoods. Found a real estate agent.
    • February – Looked at houses. More research.
    • March – Found a house. Made an offer. Inspection. Negotiations.
    • April – Closed on house! Packed boxes.
    • May – Worked on house. Packed boxes.
    • June – Moved into house! Unpacked boxes.
    • July through September – Began and/or completed assorted house projects. Mainly began.

    I’ve acquired lots of useful skills, such as rewiring electrical outlets, installing light fixtures, painting ceilings, installing toilets, replacing the thermocouple in a water heater, and of course navigating big box hardware stores.

    Coming soon: Photos!